Agricultural Subsidies to Private Organizations

Monday 11th December 2023
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  • Agricultural Subsidies to Private Organizations

    4 May 2023

    It has been revealed that the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives of Sudurpaschim Province has given lakhs of rupees to private companies and cooperatives run to make a profit through its subordinate agencies. It has been found that Krishi Gyan Kendra Kailali distributed Rs 3 crore 29 lakhs in the last financial year as a subsidy for the construction of buildings of 29 cooperative societies established to earn profit.

    The annual report of the financial year 2078 and 2079 published recently by the Office of the Auditor General has revealed that lakhs of rupees were distributed in the name of private companies, non-profit cooperatives, and individuals contrary to the procedure. Agricultural Knowledge Center Kanchanpur also gave 20 million 13 lakhs to 16 non-profit cooperatives for building construction and agricultural knowledge. It has been found that Kendra Bajura distributed a grant of Rs. 14 lakhs to a profit-making cooperative.

    Agriculture Knowledge Center Kailali has given a grant of Rs 48 lakh to a cow protection committee to establish a manure industry in Kailali, but the General Account has said that there is no evidence to confirm that the manure industry has been established and operated. It is mentioned in the report that from the picture attached to Shrestha, the building of the said industry is also seen as incomplete.

    It has been revealed that Agricultural Knowledge Center Kailali has given a subsidy of 3659 thousand to a private company in Joshipur. The grant was given to a private company dealing in rice, oil, and flour mills for building construction. The Accountant General said that it is not appropriate to give subsidies to private companies and said that such activities should be controlled.

    In the procedure of the Ministry, there is a provision to give a 50% subsidy for livestock and fishery mechanization support. Kendra Dhangadhi, an expert in a veterinary hospital and animal services, said that six farmers have been paid Rs 740,000 more than the standard for the purchase of hatchery machines. The Accountant General has asked to recover the amount.

    Achham, an agricultural knowledge center under the ministry, said in one of its reports that kiwi cultivation will be done in snow-free areas from 800 to 2000 meters above sea level and walnut cultivation in mountains from 1200 to 2500 meters. But the Center has shown the expenditure of 25 lakh 22 thousand that it has purchased kiwi and walnut seedlings from Dhangadhi in the Terai. In this, the Chief Accountant has said that there should be monitoring regarding the planting and growing of kiwi and walnut plants in Dhangadhi with proof that they can be prepared.

    Veterinary Hospital Kanchanpur has spent 39 lakh 84 thousand to build infrastructure in Shuklaphanta Municipality for the management of stray cattle. Stating that even though the municipality has spent 40 million in building infrastructure for the management of loose horses, the General Account has said that it does not appear that the infrastructure has been put into operation.

    According to the report of the Accountant General, the ministries and subordinate agencies have distributed some grants without policies and laws. Out of the 805.9 million spent by the Ministry under program headings in the financial year 2078-079, most of the money was spent on agricultural equipment, seeds, vegetable and fruit cultivation, advanced four-foot farming, and other programs without policies and laws. But it is mentioned in the report of the General Account that the grant was distributed without the subsidy policy and law. According to the report of the General Account, this ministry has spent 7.806 billion 63 million for receiving a budget of 10.55 billion 98 million from the financial year 2074/075 to 2078/079.

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