Case against Sandeep Lamichhane postponed due to lack of Judges

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Monday 11th December 2023
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  • Case against Sandeep Lamichhane postponed due to lack of Judges

    Mahendranagar, 18 September

    The hearing of the case against cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane has also been postponed on Monday. The court administration has informed that the hearing of the case against Lamichhane has been postponed as some of the judges of the court are going to be transferred and some are going to be promoted, although a regular hearing has been scheduled in the Kathmandu District Court. Today, the hearing of the cases of 7/8 sectors has been adjourned.

    Lamichhane is accused of raping a minor in a hotel in Gaushala, Kathmandu. Before this, District Court Kathmandu had ordered additional records related to the migration and birth registration of Gaushala-26 in the case against Lamichhane. those

    Lamichhane's case has been put on the list of adjournment due to a lack of festival and judges. After receiving the records from the local level, the final hearing was scheduled for today. The pace of the Lamichhane case has been shifting time and time again.

    Earlier, the district court of Kathmandu had decided to send Lamichhane to prison for pre-trial detention. Lamichhane filed a writ in the Patan High Court against the decision of the district court, seeking to fight the case from outside.

    Later, the Patan High Court ordered him to be released on a bond of 20 lakhs. After being released on bail, Lamichhane went to the Supreme Court again. As the bail amount was too high and he was not allowed to go abroad, he went to the Supreme Court against it.

    Later the Supreme Court allowed Lamichhane to go abroad to play cricket. After that, it was easy for him to go abroad to play international cricket.

    The victim, with the help of her relatives, filed a complaint at the Gaushala police office on August 21. The police arrested Lamichhane on October 20 from Tribhuvan International Airport and took him into custody.

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