Dhangadi Sub-Metro Bans Sale and Use of Plastic Garlands

Paschim Press
Monday 11th December 2023
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  • Dhangadi Sub-Metro Bans Sale and Use of Plastic Garlands

    Dhangadhi, 3 November: The Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan Municipality has banned the sale and use of plastic flower garlands in an effort to reduce environmental pollution and encourage farmers to grow flowers at the local level.

    The ban was announced on Tuesday by Mayor Gopal Hamal, who said that the sub-metropolis has already requested the chief district officer, customs, and security agencies to stop the import of plastic flowers and garlands from India.

    "We have taken this step to protect the environment and to promote floriculture at the local level," Hamal said. "Although it was a bit expensive in the beginning, the interest in flower farming has increased. It will also have a positive effect on the environment."

    The sub-metropolis has provided production and decoration training to promote floriculture at the local level. At present, farmers are cultivating flowers in Dhangadhi and Kailari Rural Municipality. Mayor Hamal says that only local production will meet the demand.

    Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City has previously banned the use of plastic bags within the Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan area from Asoj 1, 2079. The sub-metropolis issued a notification on Tuesday and stated that if plastic flower garlands are found to be used, action will be taken according to the Act 2079 on Prohibition of Plastic Products.

    The ban on plastic flower garlands has been welcomed by environmental activists and farmers. They say that the ban will help to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainable livelihoods for farmers.

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