'I'll Be There For You' is Toxic

Monday 11th December 2023
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  • 'I'll Be There For You' is Toxic

    20 February, Mahendranagar /

    Do you ever come across a person who rarely says no to anything you asked for? Someone is always ready to do what you say. Someone with no opinion but agrees with your conclusion. Someone who feels guilty after denying what is asked to be done. Someone who is always concerned about whether other people like them.

    They have this strong urge to please others even at their own expense. Their behavior often includes the signs of mental illnesses such as anxiety, and depression. They can turn into a completely different person in situations to avoid conflict so somewhere they also depict multiple personality disorders. and  It can come down to any level of pleasure either materialistic or sexual or mental. It is associated with a personality trait known as sociology.

    People-pleaser is invested emotionally in taking care of the other person immensely so it can also turn out to be toxic and unhealthy. For two completely different individuals, this trait can turn unhealthy after a certain amount of time. It might sound nice to be around someone who is always there to look after you and take good care of you but at the end of the day it is not going to favor any of the people.

    Low self-esteem is the major reason why people convert into people pleasers. If a person has experienced PTSD or complex PTSD (  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ), then he or she is more likable to be a people pleaser. 

    People pleasers aren't happy either. They are more anxious and emotionally depleted. 

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