Demand for smooth entrance in Singha Darbar

Monday 11th December 2023
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  • Demand for smooth entrance in Singha Darbar

    24 February, Mahendranagar

    Prakash Jwala, MP of CPN (Unified Socialist) has demanded a ruling from the Speaker saying that common people should be able to enter easily inside the Singh Darbar. MP Jwala made this demand while speaking at the House of Representatives meeting held on Friday.

    He demanded to end the system where only MPs and their relatives can enter and to make arrangements for all common people who go to the ministry to get services.

    MP Jwala said, "We can see the south gate of Sanhedarbar, we parliamentarians, ministers go back and forth from there, the people are outside, except those we know can enter the Sinhdarbar, the ministries are inside the Sinhdarbar and the common people are outside, this situation should end." People should not be persecuted. The Speaker should rule today that there should be an environment where people can easily enter the Singha Darbar.




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