New Hope for Sudurpaschim as Geta Hospital Starts Operating

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Monday 11th December 2023
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  • New Hope for Sudurpaschim as Geta Hospital Starts Operating

    Mahendranagar, 18 October

    The hospital is being operated from Wednesday in Geta of Kailali, where the government has announced the establishment of the University of Health Sciences. The director of Geta Hospital is about to start operating a 100-bed hospital with minimum treatment services. Senior Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Pramod Joshi held a press conference on Tuesday and gave the information.

    The hospital will start with OPD service and gradually expand to other services like radiology, cardiology, laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray, and emergency services. The goal is to operate a hospital with a full capacity of 100 beds within this financial year.

    The facilities obtained from health insurance and MCH clinic facilities will be provided within Kartik. Likewise, Dr. aims to expand vaccination services and intimate services within Mangsir and emergency services and maternity services within January. Joshi informed. The aim is to expand the surgery service by March. Joshi said that preparations are being made to establish a modular surgery room for that. According to him, no hospital in the Far West has a modular surgery room yet. According to the hospital administration, the goal is to start ICU and NICU services by April.

    Dr. Joshi informed us that some equipment for the OPD service has already arrived and the process of purchasing more equipment for expanding the service is going forward. "After purchasing health equipment, we provide high-level emergency services and specialized specialist services," he said. Director Joshi said that the necessary budget has arrived and it will take four months to purchase the equipment.

    The government has given a budget of 3.5 crores and 80 crores for capital for the operation of the hospital in Geta. Director Joshi said that although there is a sufficient capital budget, the current budget for 141 employees is low. About five billion structures have been built in Geta in the name of medical college. Some structures are under construction. Even though the structure was built with huge investment from the state, there was confusion for a long time as to which modality the medical college, health science institute, or university should be run.

    The government had announced the establishment of a medical university in Geta. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' came to Geta to inspect the infrastructure after the decision of the medical university was made by the cabinet. In the program of the Samajwadi Morcha in Dhangadhi on Monday, he also said that the Bill related to the university will be quickly advanced in the House.

    Although the issue of establishing a medical college in the Far West has been raised for years, the government decided to establish a medical college in Geta in 2066, but the construction work could not proceed due to the tree felling order. Only after 2072 did infrastructure construction accelerate. Construction of waste management centers, branch roads, etc. is still going on.

    With the decision to operate the hospital, the locals hope that the residents of this area will get quality treatment and that the process of operating the medical university will move forward. "The bill related to the university has moved forward, the hospital is being operated with specialist doctors, this is a happy thing for us Far Westerners", senior gynecologist Dr. Ganesh Bahadur Singh said, "It is hoped that the work of health education will go forward along with treatment services in Geta."

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